Stop Complaining Start Thanking

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Autor: J.P. Vaswami
Izdavač: Gita Publishing House, India
Format: 14 x 21 cm
Pismo: Latinica
Jezik: Engleski
Godina izdanja
Povez: Meki
Broj strana: 104
ISBN: 978-93-80743-31-8
Napomena: korišćena kniga u ODLIČNOM STANJU

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Complaints, criticism, passing the buck, shifting, the blame onto others… Has this not become a way of life for many of us? We find one thousand things that are wrong with life and people and people and the way the world functions. Oh, yes, we are very good at judging, evaluating, criticising and finding fault with everything, everyone, and the system! Allow us a little rope, and we can actually lecture to God on what is wrong with His plan and His management of our world!

Indeed, we have become experts, past masters in the art of complaining and criticising; champions in that familiar game of passing the buck. But, at the end of day, has this mastery, this special skill that we have honed and polished into a veritable art, brought us any joy or satisfaction? When we have successfully and loudly judged and accused everyone, are our problems anywhere near to being solved? Are we at peace and contented with our singular achievement?

The answer to that question must be a resounding „No“!

So let`s change our old, bitter attitude; let`s change our thinking, and change our life for the better. And this change for the better is easily accomplished when we adopt a new attitude of gratitude!

Here is a beautiful book that is brought out to commemorate Thanksgiving Week, 2011. Stop complaining and start living! Cultivate the fine art of gratitude and fill your life with joy, abundance, peace and prosperity!






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