Questions Answered

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Autor: J.P. Vaswami
Izdavač: Gita Publishing House, India
Format: 14 x 21 cm
Pismo: Latinica
Jezik: Engleski
Godina izdanja
Povez: Meki
Broj strana: 315
ISBN: 978-93-80743-01-1
Napomena: korišćena kniga u ODLIČNOM STANJU

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This book is a compilation of Questions-and-Answers, collected together from several sessions held all over the world with Doda J.P. Vaswani – a brilliant orator, a gifted writer, a scientist-turned-philosopher, and a living saint in the great tradition of India’s seers and sages.

The Questions have been brought together under a wide variety of topics which are of greater interest and vital relevance to us all. If each Question is thought-provoking, every answer is a gem – a capsule of wisdom that is sure to benefit the mind, intellect and soul.

Open the book at random, and you are sure to find a thought worth pondering, or choose a topic you want to know more about – and draw on the benefit of Dada’s profound wisdom!

Dada J.P. Vaswani needs to introduction to seekers on the path who turn to India as the land of rishis, saints and sages. He is regarded as one of the great men of God whose grace has reached and influenced thousands of people all over the world.

A gifted writer and brilliant orator, Dada has addressed distinguished audiences worldwide, communicating to everyone as only he can, the tremendously positive message of love, faith, joy and peace. His personal integrity, the conviction of his own faith and the magnetic power of his personality enthrall his audience wherever he goes. Little wonder then, that he is truly one among the galaxy of the world’s great spiritual leaders. Miami and Jakarta, Manila and Atlanta, Hong Kong and Tokyo, London and Singapore, Melbourne and Dubai – the cities of the world and their people have opened the gates of their hearts wide, to receive the message of this man of God.

Dada J.P. Vaswani has been the recipient of several honors, including the prestigious U Thant Peace Award. He has written over 200 books which have been translated into several Indian and foreign languages.






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