Hidden Mind of Freedom

дин. 600,00

Autor: Tarthang Tulku
Izdavač: Dharma Publishing
Format: 14 x 21 cm
Pismo: Latinica
Jezik: Engleski
Godina izdanja: 1981
Povez: Meki
Broj strana: 100
ISBN: 0-913546-82-8
Napomena: korišćena kniga u ODLIČNOM STANJU

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The mind provides us with vital energy that responds to every nuance of human experience. When we understand the nature of the mind and appreciate its flexibility, we can shape the directionality of this energy, and respond more creatively to whatever life presents. Awareness of the mind’s hidden resources opens a gateway to lasting freedom and peace, our only true refuge in an often crowded and frustrating world.

Hidden Mind of Freedom helps us awaken our inner resources through meditation and self-observation. Clear, intimate talks remove barriers to self-understanding and show to activate the healing qualities latent within the mind. Simple breathing techniques, mantra, and visualization exercises foster deep relaxation, promoting clarity and concentration. Insight flows more naturally, brightening our life with meaning, and revealing ever-broadening vistas of inner freedom.

Tarthang Tulku, the founder of the Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center and the Nyingma Institute, has been teaching and working in the US since 1969. Through Gesture of Balance and six other books in the Nyingma Psychology Series, he has introduced readers to Tibetan Buddhism’s profound understanding of human nature and helped thousands realize the benefits of study and meditation.






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